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10-8 Performance 1911 NM Rear Sight Black

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10-8 Performance 1911 NM Rear Sight

Their National Match style rear sight is designed to fit into the dovetail of GI pattern 1911 pistols.  Its extra thick serrated blade is .315" tall for compatibility with new production Colts, and features a .140" wide U notch. User installable (with some hand fitting), no machining required.  The newly revised design includes a more rounded profile and additional edge chamfers to improve comfort for handling and carry. 

  • FITS: GI pattern dovetails such as Colt and Springfield Armory with GI pattern sights.
  • Compatible with: front sights of .175-.185" height.  
Is direct replacement for Colt, Springfield Armory, and other 1911s with GI/Milspec rear dovetail. Compatible with factory front sight on Colt 1991A1, new production Series 70 reproduction, and Springfield Armory Milspec models, and does not affect point of impact. 
**Be aware that older production Colts with the very low GI style "thumbnail" front sight will require a taller front sight to work with this rear. Machining of the slide is typically necessary and recommended to install a modern dovetail front sight. We neither recommend nor know of any options for traditional style staked on front sights. High profile staked on fronts were bad when we had them in the 80's - they fell off a lot due to the extra weight/inertia from the mass - and they are not any better of any option now that we have dovetailed fronts available.