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Austen MK 1 9mm Pre-Sample Super Rare Gun

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Austen MK1

9mm Pre-Sample


Very desirable W.T. Carmichael & Sons Ltd manufactured Austen MK I machine gun. Very interesting and important improvement to the Sten design as carried out in Australia during World War II. Although taking much from the simplified Sten design, the Australian incorporated the folding stock and enclosed telescoping mainspring of the German MP-40 as well as the shape of the vertical grip frames and grips. The resulting Austen (Australian Sten) machine gun is a very comfortable select-fire machine gun to shoot. ATF Registration form shows, "Inter American Import Export Company” as the importer. Includes one 32 round Sten magazine. Please note that this or any Sten magazine will need to be retrofitted to function properly in an Austen by fitting it with and appropriate “collar”. This can be accomplished by a competent machinist. CONDITION: Overall appearance and finish is fine original finish turned a please smooth brown patina. Mechanics are fine. Bore has very good frosted rifling. Bolt face is very fine. This is a select fire machine gun. A wonderful combination of the ease of production of the Sten with good ideas borrowed from other successful designs. A very fun recreational machine gun.