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B&T VP9 Complete Operational Kit - RARE

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$40.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

B&T VP9 Complete Operational Kit - RARE

For the serious NFA collector

Please do not confuse this with the Station Six. This is NOT a Station Six. Though the Station Six was based on the VP9, several features were deleted from it.


The VP9 has a ported barrel to slow supersonic ammo to subsonic velocities like an MP5SD - the Station Six does not. The VP9 also has a removable grip for easier concealment of the weapon and use of it in the form factor of a pipe. 

These are part of a very small production of the Original VP9 design and I'm told they will never be made again for the US market. The kit includes the VP9 pistol along with two silencers - one wipe suppressor and one metal baffle suppressor. It also comes with a fitted briefcase and some other small accessories seen. 


Something this unique and limited will only grow in value. We've been incredibly fortunate to source a couple of these very rare kits and don't expect to be able to get any more. 

The kits are currently incoming on Form 3 and will arrive shortly.