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Colt M-16 Model 639 5.56mm with Registered Moderator

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Colt M-16 Model 639 

Includes Factory Moderator

Wow! This Is One Fantastic Collectible From The History Of The M-16. This Is The Model That Was Slated For Export. The Moderator On This Gun Was Installed By Colt To Change The Sound Signature On The Gun To Mimic That Of A Rifle. This Was Done To Hide And Mask The Location Of Special Forces Troops, So The Enemy Would Think That They Were Being Attacked By The Regular Army, From A Different Location. The BATF, In The Late 70'S, Make A Ruling That The Moderator Was A Suppressor Is It's Normal Use, And Made All The Owner's Register Them As Such, So This Is A Two-Tax Gun. This Is Only The 2nd One Of These That Have Come In And Out Of Our Doors Over The Years. This Is Your Chance To Own A Piece Of History!