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Custom Smith Manufacturing TP9 AFG MAX GRIP

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Custom Smith Manufacturing TP9 AFG MAX

Not A Vertical Fore Grip


Tech Smith has made a new AFG MAX for the TP9. The AFG MAX comes in 3 versions. Each version feels the same but is meant for different firearms. This is one of the most comfortable AFG's out there and gives the shooter additional control when needed. 



  • TP9 Pistol
  • TP9-N Pistol
  • TP9-N SBR


Please NOTE the following:

The Pistol AFG has a FIN on it blocking the user from Gripping (Placing one's hand & thumb wrapped around the AFG). DO NOT Purchase the TP9-N SBR unless it is an SBR already. 


The TP9 Older version is a bolt on, replacing the picatinny rail that is installed on the pistol. This is a special order because it requires fiberglass reinforcement, as well it comes with the install shim and mounting hardware. 


 Please know your State and local laws all NFA laws apply.