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Custom Smith TP9 SPT (Straight Pull Trigger)

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$10.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Custom Smith TP9 SPT (Straight Pull Trigger)

Custom Smith has created a new trigger bow for the TP9 and TP9-N. (Polymer Version)


This new Trigger has a straight/flat side to it which helps with pull memory. This new design also removes a lot of the GRIT and CRUNCH that the factory trigger has. This also removes the Secondary Safety, which then gives you a better feel on the bow.


Constructed out of Onyx and Carbon Fiber it is built to last.



Click Here for How To Video


Click HERE for the INSTALL PDF


Custom Smith makes two different trigger depending on which version TP9 you have. 

TP9 with a cross block safety and one for the TP9-N with a selection style safety, we are only carrying the TP9-N Triggers!!!



Modifying your firearm will VOID its Warranty. All Installs should be performed by a GUNSMITH.

This is NOT a permanent modification and can be returned to factory condition. 

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