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Danish Madsen M50 9mm PRE-SAMPLE

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Madsen M50 9mm

Unusual and early production Madsen M50 machine gun with coat of arms for Venezuela and “F.A.P.” on left side of receiver (This cataloger is advised this indicates the Air Force). Very clear “Inter American” importer markings on left side of barrel. This was an inexpensive to produce, yet effective machine gun utilized by police in many countries. It incorporates both a standard sliding safety button on left side of the receiver, and also an interesting grip safety to the rear of the magazine well, which much be depressed in order for the bolt to move fully forward to chamber a round. Includes one original 30 round magazine. No leather covering on shoulder loop and it appears it was never equipped with one. Front sight blade not present. CONDITION: Overall appearance and finish is very good original black enamel finish with some flaking away to reveal gray metal, particularly at the high edges. Mechanics are fine. Bore very fine, shiny and bright with some frosting in the grooves. Bolt face is also fine. A nice simple open-bolt full-auto only machine gun that is always popular at the range.