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Heckler & Koch MP5SD 9mm SBR - Short Barrel Rifle

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Heckler & Koch MP5SD 9mm

Integrally Suppressed MP5SD in 9mm

This Is The Fullsize MP5 That Has The Removable, Built In Suppressor. The Suppressor Was Mfg By RDTS, Mfg From All SS. These Suppressors Are Rated To Be Better Than The Factory HK One. RDTS Did 110% Of The Work On This Weapon. Plastic SEF Pack, Paddle Mag, Correctly Remarked, And With Full Stock, Very Comfortable To Shoot! This gun is a registered SBR. This Is A 2 Tax Gun! Collapsible Stock (Pictured) Available For Purchase For An Additional $595. All HK's Are Shown With A 4 Position/3rd Burst Lower. If you wish to upgrade to the 4pos/3rd pack this involves purchasing a registered sear and another stamp. Please refer to our machine gun listings for pricing.