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Heretic Manticore S - Stainless w/Marble Carbon Fiber Inlay

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Heretic Manticore S - Stainless w/Marble Carbon Fiber Inlay

The Manticore S is our smallest OTF offering of the Manticore Series. This knife is 100% USA made and assembled. With the same features as the Manticore X this knife is sure to be something inwhich you can trust as a backup to your EDC knife. With it's compact size of only 6.5" overall and weighing 1.7oz makes this OTF easily carried by all. With all of our Manticore Series OTF's you can expect smooth one handed deployment/retraction, integrated lanyard hole, and hardened steel glass breaker 


  • Hand Ground Double Edge Vegas Forged Damascus Blade
  • Stainless Steel w/Marble Carbon Fiber Inlay Handle 
  • Carbon Fiber Back Cover 
  • Entropic Anodized Titanium Clip
  • S/N 006


Please know your local laws!

O.T.F. Knives are Illegal in WA, MT, NM, VA, MD, PA, DE, NJ, MA, & HI

We Will NOT Ship to CA, NY & IL.