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Microtech Bastinelli Iconic Auto w/ Safety Stonewash

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Microtech Bastinelli Iconic Auto w/ Safety Stonewash 

This Iconic Auto has a black handle and a stonewashed blade.

Designed after the Iconic Karambit fixed blade, the Iconic Auto, made in collaboration with Bastinelli Creations, is a must-have innovative tactical knife. Most automatic knives open from a push button near the pivot, but the button on the Iconic is near the finger hole. Once you've de-activated the safety, you can open the blade with a button near the finger hole.


  • Premium stainless steel blade is tough and will hold it's edge.
  • Unique push button action allows for a reverse grip during deployment.
  • Finger hole allows for a secure and unbreakable grip.

Please know your local laws!

Automatic Knives are Illegal in NM, MN, VA, MD, DE, PA, NJ, & HI

We will not ship to WA, CA, IL, KY, OH, NY, VE, CT, RI, & MA