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Microtech UltraTech - Delta Frag "123-1UT-DS"

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Microtech UltraTech - Delta Frag "123-1UT-DS"

Ultratech Delta Frag Signature Series:

The Ultratech is Microtech’s original dual action out-the-front knife. The Ultratech is regarded as a leader in the industry. The Ultratech’s spring remains in an “at rest” position at all times, except when deployed. This ensures that the compressed spring will not become fatigued, assuring users that when the knife is fired, it will operate effectively. The Ultratech’s simplistic design, light weight, one handed action, slim shape, and scalpel sharp blade make it an exclusive everyday carry knife.

The Ultratech is one of our best selling knives. It is an excellent value for an all around OTF carry knife. It is big enough for self defense and sturdy enough for use as an every day cutting tool.

The new Ultratech Delta Frag with Nickel Boron Internals, DLC Hardware and Fluted DLC Blade is made to operate in water and other harsh conditions.  This is probably the coolest Ultratech ever.

Knife Category: Double Action OTF
Blade Steel: Bohler ELMAX® or M-390.
Weight: 3.5 oz
Blade Length: 3.4″
Overall Length: 8.48″
Blade: DLC Tanto
Handle Material Frag T6 Aluminum.


Please know your local laws!

O.T.F. Knives are Illegal in WA, MT, NM, VA, MD, PA, DE, NJ, MA, & HI

We Will NOT Ship to CA, NY & IL.