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Any Other Weapon

Any Other Weapon’ is the catch all used in the National Firearms Act. This category was designed to catch anything that was not a rifle, shotgun, handgun, or one of the NFA regulated categories.

Instead of the $200 tax due with most Form 4s, the transfer of an Any Other Weapon only requires a $5 tax. This makes the purchase of an AOW quite inexpensive compared to other NFA firearms.

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  • Remington 12 gauge Breecher

    Remington 12 gauge Breecher


    Remington 12 gauge Breecher AOW $5 tax stamp Remington 12 Gauge Breecher. This Is Considered An AOW, Which Means It Xfers Out On A $5 Tax Stamp. It Is Capable Of Firing The 12 Gauge In 2 3/4" Or 3" In Shell. It Holds 4+1, And Has An 14.5" Barrel. The...

  • Remington Model 870, Remington 870, Remington shotgun, Remington 870 Breacher, Model 870, 870 Breacher, 870 Police Magnum, Remington Breacher System, Remington Law Enforcement, Remington LE


    Remington 870 Magnum "Breacher" 12 Ga Shotgun


    Remington 870 Magnum "Breacher" The ultimate choice for virtually any close-range scenario Breacher System is designed to meet the needs of todays modern law enforcement community. Based on the durable Model 870, it is designed to fire any 12...