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Nighthawk Custom Heinie 1911 2 tone, .45ACP

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Nighthawk Custom Ladyhawk

1911 4.25 45 acp 2 tone


The Lady Hawk was designed originally with the female shooter in mind but as the pistol reached the stores, we found that about 90% of the pistols were being purchased by men. The benefits of the Lady Hawk outweighed the fact that the words “Lady Hawk” were carved into the slide of the gun. As with all things, the Lady Hawk has evolved. The slide of the pistol is being ordered, again at the 90% rate, with no markings on the slide. It can come with or without the Lady Hawk markings, your call.


The grip frame on the Nighthawk Heinie Lady Hawk has been thinned at the front and back, wears slender grips, and is matched to a Commander length slide for ease of concealment. Chambered in 9mm, slide-racking force is drastically reduced and the front strap and backstrap are elegantly scalloped to provide a solid purchase without torturing hands. Most women choose the Lady Hawk in 9mm and men often opt for the 45 ACP.


Richard Heinie has been building custom 1911 handguns for more than 40 years. That’s long enough to learn how to do more than just turn a screw. He understood women and some men needed a 1911 that fit their hands and was devoid of sharp edges. So, he built one and now it’s available from Nighthawk, the Lady Hawk.


Regardless of your gender, the Lady Hawk represents a level of elegance, grace, slender, and shooter comfort never before seen in a 1911. That’s why both women and men are drawn to it.