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OEM Factory NEW Sig Sauer Internal Frame Assembly

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OEM Factory NEW Sig Sauer Internal Frame Assembly 

Factory NEW 

Internal Frame Assembly Includes: 

  • Safety Lever Housing
  • Safety Lever 
  • Sear 
  • Safety Lever Pivot Pin 
  • Takedown Safety Lever 
  • Slide Catch Lever Assembly 
  • Trigger 
  • Trigger Bar 
  • Slide Catch Lever 
  • Sear Spring 
  • Trigger Bar Spring 
  • Slide Catch Lever Pin 
  • Safety Lever Housing Pin 
  • Trigger Stop Pin 
  • Slide Catch Lever Spring 
  • Sear Pivot Pin 
  • Safety Lever Spring 
  • Trigger Tab 
  • Trigger Pin
  • Internal Pistol Frame 

The Internal Pistol Frame is the serialized part of the P320! This must be shipped to an FFL Dealer.