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Strike Industries Link Hand Stop Kit/3 Piece Middle Section

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Strike Industries Link Hand Stop Kit / 3 Piece Middle Section

Over a dozen configurations!

Modern handguard grips have come a long way. They enhance the shooters skills through better recoil management and ease of indexing repeatability for speed. But one grip style may not be suited for everybody, and sometimes rail space is limited so just a hand-stop can fit. But what if you didn't have to settle for just one grip style?

Introducing the Strike Industries Hand Stop Kit. Gone are the days of having to keep extra handstops, foregrips, and other grip accessories laying around. Including 3 sections that can work together or as standalone attachments, there are over half a dozen ways to configure the Link hand-stop kit for different shooting styles.The three sections are made from durable, reinforced, & heat-resistant polymer. Each section uses a single modified T-nut that has been tried and tested for superior lock-up. The HSK is directly mounted to either M-Lok slots or Keymod holes without the need for adapters in between, resulting in a highly ergonomic and secure lock-up. 

Don’t compromise­–overcome, with the Link Handstop Kit.


Product Spec

Dimensions All 3 pieces Installed:
- Length: 119mm 
- Height: 46.5mm
- Width: 29mm
- Weight: 1.0 oz
- M-Lok Slots needed for install:3
- Keymod Slots needed for install: 6

- Reinforced Polymer

Package Includes:
- 3x LINK Hand stop kit pieces
- 3x LINK Screw and Nut

- Over 20 configurations!!!
- Direct mountable to both M-Lok and Keymod
- Lightweight, durable reinforced polymer
- Multiple ergonomic and functional grip options


Link 3Piece Middle Section

Dimensions (each middle piece):

Length:40.00 mm

Width: 30.50 mm

Height from rail surface: 8.00 mm

The Strike Industries LINK HS3 allows the user to add more rail protection options while also expanding upon the Link Hand-Stop Kit (sold separately).  Utilizing our patented Link mounting system, the rail covers can be directly mounted to either M-Lok or Keymod using the same proprietary T-nut included. Injection molded from heat/impact resistant polymer, the HS3 rail covers provide superb comfort while keeping rail temperatures down during extended stings of fire.

- Direct mountable to both M-Lok and Keymod
- Lightweight, durable reinforced polymer

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