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10-8 Performance

10-8 Performance Glock Magazine Base Pad, Set of 4

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Glock Magazine Base Pad, Set of 4 

10-8 Performance

Ever since the introduction of our extremely popular M&P base pads, customers have been clamoring for the same design concept to be brought to the Glock.  These new pads are injection molded from glass reinforced nylon, and they are super tough and resistant to impact.  Our pads fit and install the same as the factory floor plates, use the factory retainer plate (magazine insert), and no extra parts are required.

The 10-8 pad is slightly thicker than the factory pad, and features angled sides and front to allow for easy stripping of stuck magazines.  The pads also feature a grooved front and scalloped sides for positive grip during manipulations.  The bottom of the pad features our usual dimples for marking your magazines.

Fits Glock magazines for 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 Sig, .45 GAP.  NOT compatible with early production non metal lined (Gen1) Glock magazines, but do fit all subsequent generations to include those for the Gen5. NOT COMPATIBLE with Glock 26/27 where the magazine base pad has to fit in a recess in the frame. **Our pads DO fit in the Gen 5, 17/19M, and 19X. The Glock 19X frame has a lip at the front and our pads will just barely clear.

Compatible with common magazine well setups, including the Sentinel Design and Raven Concealment Systems Freya mag well, Magpul Gen4 mag well, and Zev Pro. Is known to be INCOMPATIBLE with the Zev Universal Pro magwell. 

Coyote and Olive Drab pads are limited production runs and may be priced differently. The colors were matched to new production Glock Gen4/5 frames, but Glock production runs vary in hue, so we can't guarantee an exact match to your particular frame. **They changed the name of our "Glock Dark Earth" pads as our color seems to match the Glock 19X Coyote better.**

Weight: .24 oz.



**NOTE: We do not recommend excessive disassembly/reassembly of Glock magazines, as the retainer tabs molded on the bottom of the magazine tube are relatively soft and will ding up with each time the pad comes off or goes on the tube.  This happens with both Glock factory pads as well as ours.  We do not find that Glock magazines get a lot of dirt inside, so it is typically unnecessary to disassemble them for anything other than spring replacement.


Common questions answered:

  • Will you be making this for the .45 ACP/10mm magazines? 
    • We will have to see about demand, and also make sure everyone is happy with these first!
  • Will these be available in different colors?
    • We are definitely planning different colors in at least limited runs, but there is no time frame projected.  
  • Will you be making these in other materials like aluminum, steel, or brass?  
    • No.  We felt that the Glock was best served with a molded base pad.
  • Are these easier to remove and install than the factory base pads?
    • No, they remove and install exactly the same way.  Keep in mind that "easy to remove" ends up meaning that the magazine will come apart when it hits the ground.