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B&T APC9 SD-SC 9mm 5.7"

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$30.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

As one of the flagships of B&T, the APC9 PRO SD-SC represents a breakthrough in customization and modularity on a pistol-caliber platform. Every component is of the highest quality, and is meticulously machined and fitted with the Swiss-made precision that B&T is known for.

The APC9 PRO SD-SC itself is equipped with several major upgrades; one of the most notable is the integral suppressor system. This system utilizes an enlarged fore-end to accommodate the diameter of the suppressor as well as extra ventilation to help dissipate heat. Other improvements include enhanced lower receiver ergonomics, a side positioned bolt hold open/release, and a non-reciprocating, auto-folding charging handle to reduce the risk of snagging on loose clothing/equipment.

At the heart of the APC system is the hydraulic shock-absorbing buffer system which greatly mitigates recoil and enhances overall accuracy. In terms of customization, the APC PRO features a flattop picatinny rail for optics as well as an under-barrel rail for lights/lasers. Each APC PRO unit also has a variety of B&T made accessories including brass-catchers, extended magazines, and fore-grips designed specifically for that model. In addition, many aspects of the APC PRO are reminiscent of the AR-15, such as the ambidextrous selector switch, the ergonomics, trigger assembly and accepts AR-15 style grips. These similarities make for a better shooting experience for someone already acquainted with the AR-15.

Features of the B&T APC PRO:

  • Integral suppressor
  • Non-reciprocating, auto-folding charging handle
  • Hydraulic shock absorbing buffer
  • Ambidextrous safety
  • Accessories available