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The Rotex 556 is the ideal choice when maximum flash and sound suppression is a requirement. Rotex rifles suppressors provide exceptional sound suppression capabilities, extreme durability and longevity, while offering a low weight, leading to minimal deviation in point of aim/point of impact, all while providing industry leading sound and flash reduction.

  • The Rotex 556 Compact suppressor is a great choice for those seeking a balance between sound and signature reduction and overall length. The Rotex Compact is at home on 10.5-inch and shorter carbines, but is ideally suited for 11.5 to 14.5- inch barrels, where it will provide the best ratio of sound and flash reduction for its size.
  • The Rotex 556 K suppressor is our shortest, most compact suppressor in our Rotex line. The K is ideally suited for use on carbines with barrels 14.5-inches and longer, where the K will provide excellent flash and sound reduction while minimizing the overall length and weight added to these longer carbines, without effecting the platforms balance.

Constructed using laser bed fusion manufacturing techniques, B&T's traditionally baffled Rotex Full-Size rifle suppressor in 5.56 is constructed of 718 Inconel and is completely weldless. Each suppressor is threaded 1.375x24TPI making it fully HUB compatible, should you choose to mix and match your attachment interfaces. The Rotex ships with B&T’s Rotex-SF HUB assembly, which is compatible with all B&T Rotex flash hiders, as well as all of SureFire SOCOM flash hiders, Warcomps and muzzle brakes. The Rotex-SF HUB is machined from titanium bar stock. NATO-Spec A2 and Direct-Mount HUB assemblies are available as accessories items.