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Belgium Browning Hipower Spy Package, 9mm

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Belgium Browning Hipower Spy Package

Hipower Spy Package

Wow! Here Is Some Serious Spy Shiza!

It's A Belgium Browning Hipower. The Grips Were Hollowed Out To Install An FM Wireless Transmitter. The Transmitter Is Activated When A Special Magazine Is Inserted. There Is A 9 Volt Battery Installed In The Base Of The Magazine. This Special Magazine Can Hold 3 Rounds Of Standard 9mm Ammunition. When The Magazine Is Inserted Into The Weapon, The FM Transmitter Is Activated And Broadcasts To A Speical Receiver That Has A Plug For An Earpiece, Or An External Speaker. The Best Part About This, Is That The Gun Is Fully Functional. If The Agent Got Into Serious Trouble, All He Needed To Do Is Drop The Mag With The Battery, And Insert A Standard Magazine For 13 Rounds Of Firepower. This Was Designed For Use In The Field By CIA Agents Operating Undercover Who Needed To Be Monitored, But Couldn't Wear A Standard Wire. Comes Complete With Fitted Case Holding Everyting. Wow!

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