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HB Industries

HB Industries CZ Handguards Scorpion EVO3

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HB Industries CZ Handguards 


HBI handguard series for your CZ Scorpion EVO3. Our handguards are Magpul M-LOK compatible and come in several different lengths and styles. They are designed to “free float” the barrel and allow users to shroud any round suppressor body up to 1.57″ in outside diameter. Sleek and ergonomic, every aspect of each variant has been fine tuned for functional use of forward grips, finger stops, sling mounts, lights, and of course the widest compatibility of suppressor mounting types and lengths.  Our handguards are machined from 6061 aluminum and hard coat anodized to MIL-A-8625.

  • 4.25″, 6.84″, 11.25″, and 11.50″ Handguards for the CZ Scorpion
  • M-LOK Accessory Interface
  • Clearance for 1.57″ OD Suppressors
  • Machined Aluminum 6061
  • Anodized MIL-A-8625 Type 3 Hard Coat

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA. 922r Compliant.

PLEASE NOTE: Aluminum handguards preform best with polymer charging handles (like the factory charging handle). Aftermarket aluminum charging handles (including our own) can cause increased friction and in some cases may not run as smooth due to the aluminum-to-aluminum interface. 


Scorpion Micro/K: For those interested in converting to a Micro/K style, the factory Scorpion pistol or carbine barrel must be shortened and re-threaded. We have developed a 5.3″ barrel spec that runs all 115/124/147 factory ammunition (including subsonic) using all factory bolt and recoil components; both WITH and WITHOUT a suppressor mounted.

Micro/K Barrel Specification: HBI SCORPION MICRO/K BARREL .

Barrel Nut Tools: Evo Pistol Barrel Nut Tool or Evo Carbine Barrel Nut Tool

OEM Barrels from CZ-USA: CZ-USA Pistol Barrel or CZ-USA Carbine Barrel 

Length Specs for Shrouding Suppressors: HBI EVO HANDGUARDS 2D OUTLINE DRAWING .

Gunsmith Installation Recommended for All Parts.