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Microtech 98-4MK TOOL KIT -For Ultratech, UTX-85, & UTX-70

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Microtech 98-4MK TOOL KIT

This Microtech Tool set includes a hardened 303 stainless steel handle along with 8 bits. The knurled handle has an end cap that can be unscrewed for storage of 3 of the small bits. Each bit is hardened steel and the set includes tools for the following knives:

Ultratech, both older and newer models, UTX-85, UTX-70 (both old and new models), Dirac, Dirac Delta, LUDT, Sigil, Troodon, and Combat Troodon. It also has glass breaker bits for Ultratech, Dirac Delta, and Combat Troodon. 

Before you disassemble and maintain your knife, please remember that all internal part replacements must be performed in the Microtech Facility by their trained staff. Failing to do so will void your knife warranty.

Also, when initially unscrewing, Microtech uses Red Loctite in all screw holes, so please use caution not to strip the chassis holes. This would not be covered under warranty and we advise all users to first consult with Microtech.

This item is only sold as a complete set--not as individual parts.