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Microtech/Bastinelli 218D-3DLCCFS Double BEE Push Dagger Set

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Microtech/Bastinelli Creations 218D-3DLCCFS Signature Series Double BEE Push Dagger Set 2.5" M390 Black DLC Wharncliffe Blades, Carbon Fiber Handles, Kydex Dual Sheath


The BEE is a push dagger collaboration with Bastinelli Knives that is both stylish and highly effective. It's a tactical knife through and through, and we honestly can't think of a better knife we'd want in a close-quarters combat (CQC) encounter than this. Its design characteristics target specific CQC needs such as swift, effective deployment, reliable cutting and penetration, low visibility profile, modular carry options, and robust construction. Straight punches, jabs, and hammer fist strikes yield tremendous cutting potential with minimal training or effort. The Double BEE is double the trouble with a BEE for each hand making you that much more effective. The included friction fit Kydex sheath is outfitted with Pull the Dot straps so you can carry the Double BEE how and where you want. It shines in a last-ditch tactical scenario but works equally well as an everyday carry fixed blade.