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Nighthawk Custom

Nighthawk Custom Shadow Hawk Gov IOS

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Nighthawk Custom

Shadow Hawk .45 ACP Gov IOS Threaded Barrel

The collaboration between Shadow Hawk and Steve "Yeti" Fisher sounds like a match made in firearm heaven. Fisher's expertise, stemming from his diverse background in law enforcement, training, and competitive shooting, undoubtedly brought valuable insights to the design of the Shadow Hawk Commander.

The incorporation of a one-piece, machined steel magwell/mainspring housing speaks to the emphasis on reliability and efficiency, crucial aspects for quick and confident reloading, especially in high-pressure situations. The choice of a black, flat-faced trigger, a favorite among competition shooters, not only adds to the pistol's aesthetic appeal but also enhances its performance by providing a consistent and responsive trigger pull.

The aggressive cocking serrations serve a dual purpose, not only lending a striking visual element to the pistol but also ensuring a secure grip for smooth and reliable slide manipulation. Such attention to detail reflects a commitment to both form and function, resulting in a truly exceptional 1911 pistol tailored for the demands of serious shooters.