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Sharps Bros

Sharps Bros - Jack9 "9mm, .40 S&W" Billet Lower

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Sharps Bros - Jack9 "9mm, .40 S&W" Billet Lower 

This is Sharps Bros pistol caliber version of The Jack, now updated to the Gen2 styling. Glock magazine fed. Available as the AR-15 lower that is compatible with most AR15 pistol caliber uppers chambered in 9mm, .40 S&W or .357 SIG. 

With the Gen2 Jack9 we also improved the mag well, beefed up the ejector/magazine stop (and made it adjustable via set screws, to accommodate slight geometry differences across different types of 'Glock' mags) and switched to a threaded screw instead of a pin for the mag lever.